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New wooden – dark brown

felt letter board, 12 x 16 inch

We launched completely new, first dark brown frame felt

letter board on the market. Available through Amazon


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New color, perfect size

We created this board with the purpose to offer customers the opportunity
to create vintage decorations, hang them on the walls or simply place them on a desktop

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Gift convenience or toddlers fun

This felt letter board greatly boasts with its retro

design and attracts attention in everyday life

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All in one, simple to use

It comes with a handy tool that can be used to mark the spots
and in case of an appropriate surface, the product comes
with its own stand that can be placed into various angles

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Felt Letter Board

Exceptional way of decorating

Instead of big fast changeable led screens, choose Felt Letter Board

Communication is more personal than ever; in the digital age people quickly got used to the same displaying objects looking at them at every corner - disrupt everyday digital monotony.

You asked, we delivered

our Felt Letter Board is a pioneer on the market with its dark brown frame

Beautifully crafted wooden frame with rounded corners will effectively merge with vintage surroundings and blend with "black and white" house interior. It will reflect your decorative creations with its retro appearance.

Felt Letter Board

Perfect size

The dark brown color completely merges with other wooden objects as well as with dark colored furniture without worries to find enough place for it – the size of 12×16 inch is perfect for home use or for business purposes

  • 12 x 16 inch

  • New dark brown color

  • Hidden integrated backrest

  • Hassle free mounting

387 characters

Our kit comes with complete alphabet letters, numbers and special characters. Newly designed ¾ inch characters have wide and deep pins for great and firm fixation. Felted area is specially produced to withhold numerous changes of messages.

  • 387 letters, numbers and special characters

  • Easy sideways removable characters

  • Dedicated bag for storing

  • Compatible standard size

New approach for hanging

No more sticking out from the wall; the new approach enables you to hang the felt letter board completely on the wall. Both hangers on the back are located on the central part of the board instead of on the frame itself, providing a completely straight horizontal mount.

  • Straight horizontal mount

  • Two hangers instead one

  • No sticking out from the wall

  • Inconvenient removal

Build with safety in mind

There are no sharp objects or edges on the board making it completely safe for children. The rectangle framed wood around the central felt base is polished for a pleasant touch and has rounded edges.

  • Polished wood

  • Rounded edges

  • Pleasant touch

  • Firm frame


Our company brief


We decided to create a company last year over a cup of tea. The fast pace of now a day life forces us to settle our decisions straight and to listen to our mind more closely. As with many other things you can sell, we decided for Felt Letter Board. This was a decision merely because of the “home touch”, the way of telling with every inscription a new story, and discovering with every look heartwarming wishes. Cognitive Kick’s felt letter board is the road that we decided to step on. Still with kindness, good feelings and emotions for ourselves and our customers.



Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe





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